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“Machine learning needs a problem to fix, there are many vendors that just have the technology —  it’s important to define exactly the problem that you’re trying to fix and machine learning lends itself very well to ranking, to rating, to categorization, and prediction.”


High Accuracy is the number one requirement when undergoing data conversion in any industry like Publishing, Data Analytics. This is a challenge considering that the process typically requires zero data loss, output to multiple formats, and well-structured output.Our generalized framework called I-REFORM translates unstructured text into structured form. This framework analyses the text documents from different views: lexically, syntactically and semantically then produces a generalized intermediate form of documents for any file type creation.


A self learning DECIPHER , which detects a name field based on table words and acronyms , and returns them in UPPER or lower case to standardize them,flags vulgar words, fake names,associated company words to help you screen out possible hoaxes and pranks such as Bugs Bunny as a first and last name. DECIPHER api uses varied trained models to identify text like Movie Names, Animal Names, Scientific terms,Chemical names etc.

Grammer Engine

It’s not just words though. Correctness is more than its own reward in publishing. It is a mandatory expectation. Nothing turns a reader against you (or your point of view) faster than an incorrectly-constructed sentence that includes poor grammar, misspelled or incorrect application of chosen words. Biggest misconceptions related to proofreading is that you need no training to do it. We Train your System instead of Human Being to do this.


Our OCR solution combines the power of advanced Vision Capabilities of Google to extract the right information from image with connected component based approach without the human error factor. Not only that, our recognition framework can be scaled horizontally to accommodate various type of images like Invoices from various suppliers, Cheques of different Banks , Books conversions to digital content for Visually Impaired. T-Derive service is supported with easy configuration tool for text extraction mappings.


A Stanford Library based Name Dissector which break full names into components like Prefix; First Name; Middle Name; Surname; and Suffix. Multiple name formats parsed into a single standard format.Dissector can create the desired custom salutations based on the format you want to use, including Formal, Informal, Default Slug, etc. Adding personalized salutations.


How does a seemingly “SMART” software really work? Any software is the conversion of tasks in form of Assembly Line. We Design & Develop applications which are built on a number of relatively small, simple, intuitive algorithms working in tandem. For example “Scraping and Cleaning Articles” includes a set of tasks to be achieved, we create an Assembly Line for publishers to automatically process the input package received, detect the clutter, grammar mistakes to Auto Structuring the output for Proof Reading

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OrderTick –We Make Brick & Mortar Store an E-Commerce

Create modern digital retail stores for the millenial generation. We help transform brick-mortar stores into a smarter digital stores with the help of Sa-as based mobile-first product. www.ordertick.com

Product backed by Machine Learning

Automated Purchase Reciept Input backed by ML algorithms
Customer Behaviour Insights for long run retention and engagement.
Inventory level Mangement and forecasting based on varied factors like Season etc..


Provide Online Presence with off the shelf Customer App – Website.
Counter sales with multi user support for cusotmer Invoicing.
Automated Purchase Import.
Customer Relation Management.
Financial Accounting
One Click GST filing
Distributor Management with online order creation for suppliers.
Bar Code Integration
Better Price Discovery.

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“Most of human and animal learning is unsupervised learning. If intelligence was a cake, unsupervised learning would be the cake, supervised learning would be the icing on the cake, and reinforcement learning would be the cherry on the cake. We know how to make the icing and the cherry, but we don’t know how to make the cake. We need to solve the unsupervised learning problem before we can even think of getting to true AI.” – Yan Lecun

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